Angus and Oink Cuban Rub

After watching the 2014 film Chef, which is the story about Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) quitting his job at a major LA restaurant and launching a street food truck with the help of his son, I just knew I wanted to make a Cubano Sandwich.

Here’s were the helpful boys and girls at Angus and Oink came into their own. They have a cuban rub which has lots of citrus flavour, balanced with cumin, smoked paprika oregano and a light chilli hit. Exactly the flavour I was looking for.

I bought some shoulder steaks from the butcher which had already been tenderised. I added the rub to olive oil and lemon juice to make a paste
rubbed it onto the shoulder steaks and left for about an hour before grilling on the bbq. My recipe has been uploaded to the UK BBQ Web site if you want to take a look

I will definitely cook this again and already have my thinking hat on to use it in a few more recipes, possibly a chilli, grilled chicken or a few taco’s.

The thing I like about Angus and Oink rubs is the huge range they do and not just generic American BBQ flavours. Check out the range if you haven’t tried them