Ben’s Tiger Tail Fatty

Here’s Ben’s recipe for his Tiger Tail Fatty which he cooked  and posted the photos last year for one of the themed days. We think its great to see the BBQ Kids grilling outdoors.

Ben’s Tiger Tail Fatty

  • Yield4 Servings


  • Streaky Bacon (approx 10 rashers)
  • 10 Pork Sausages
  • BBQ Sauce to glaze
  • 4Tbs BBQ Rub, divided - half coloured black with activated charcoal powder, half coloured yellow with ground turmeric
  • Fillings of your choice
  • (We used all my favourite things: Red Leicester Cheese, Nduja, fried mushrooms and sliced mozzarella. Other good ideas are sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs, chorizo - the sky is the limit! Dad wouldn’t let me put chocolate in it though… 😩)



 Lay out your bacon on a sheet of cling film in a slightly overlapping pattern. A handy tip: Use the blade of a sharp knife (get an adult to help you!) in a butter-spreading motion to stretch out your bacon rashers – it helps them cover a larger area and will also make them nice and crispy!


 Slice down the length of the pork sausages and remove the skins. Spread the sausage meat evenly across the bacon layer.


 Lay your filling ingredients lengthwise across the middle of the sausage layer, leaving a small gap on either end to be able to seal the fatty when rolling up.


 Use the cling film to roll the sausage and bacon layers around the filling, pinch the ends to seal in the filling and tuck the ends of the bacon layer underneath.


 Use your 2 coloured rubs to add alternating stripes around the outside of the fatty (like a tiger’s tail!), then stick it in the fridge until you’re ready to cook.


 Light your BBQ and add a chunk of smoking wood to the coals if you like – we used oak wood and it was delicious! Smoke your fatty at around 180°C until the internal temperature hits 70°C, then glaze with BBQ sauce and leave to set for the last few minutes in the BBQ until the internal temperature hits 74°C.


 Remove from the BBQ to rest for a few minutes, then slice and serve – we like ours with a soft fried egg and a slice of toast!

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