PG Grills PKGO

The PKGO is a portable charcoal grill that may appear unassuming but it packs quite a punch.

Its classic aluminium clam shell design makes it rust proof and contributes to its durability and heat retention
Despite its compact size, using the flip kit to change the lid into a second bbq gives 400 square inches of cooking space. Two cast iron cooking grates are included.

I cooked for my works bbq and did smash burgers and korean chicken kebabs for seven.

After loading it with a chimney full of coals the PKGO can easily reach over 300c. The high heat is great for grilling meats and is the go to bbq for anyone competing in a Steak Cook Off association competition.

Many people buy a set of grill grates which play a crucial part to get good grill marks on your steak.
They evenly distribute the heat, allowing for consistent cooking results and no flare ups.

I competed at Maldon Smoke and Fire Festival last year in the Steak Cook Off Association competition and came third in a field of 12. I was the only lady griller and I beat the European Champion.

While it might seem a bit pricey for a portable grill the quality justifies the cost.

Review by Christine Dale

PK Grills are available from Pro Smoke BBQ

Go Anywhere Xtender200 Cooking System

Long time supporter of UK BBQ Week Smokerig BBQ, Staffordshire based designers and manufacturers of BBQ equipment, have started producing accessories for the ever popular Weber Go Anywhere.  Their latest product is a riser kit which  is reviewed here by Phil who runs the BBQ blog  Love2BBQ

The Smokerig BBQ Xtender: Enhancing Your Weber Go Anywhere Grill Experience
The Smokerig BBQ Xtender Cooking System is an innovative accessory designed to elevate the performance of the beloved Weber Go Anywhere portable grill. Crafted entirely from robust 304 stainless steel, this British-made product epitomizes quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.
For grill enthusiasts seeking enhanced versatility, the Xtender proves to be a game-changer. Its addition expands the portable grill’s cooking capabilities, offering a wide array of cooking options. Notably, the ability to execute rotisserie cooks stands out as a highlight, appealing to aficionados of succulent, evenly cooked meats.
Having had the opportunity to test the Xtender, both myself and Mark Quigg were impressed by its quality and functionality. From the moment of assembly, the superior craftsmanship becomes evident. The precise fit of the Xtender onto the Go Anywhere grill further reinforces its excellence.

What does the Xtender offer? 

Smokerig provides several options to cater to diverse cooking preferences:

  • Xtender3: This model adds three levels of cooking, increasing the cooking capacity by 200mm. With this added space, users can accommodate larger cuts of meat and experiment with various cooking techniques.
  • XtendeR: Complete with end plates and a motor bracket, this option facilitates rotisserie cooking, opening up a realm of possibilities for roasting whole chickens and flavorful kebabs.
  • Xtender+: Combining enclosed cooking system plates and rotisserie end plates, the Xtender+ offers the best value, allowing for both low and slow cooks and rotisserie delights.

The optional heat deflector plate further enhances cooking versatility by enabling true indirect cooking within the fully enclosed cooking chamber. This feature is particularly beneficial for achieving tender, flavorful results on larger proteins.
Setting up the Xtender is a straightforward process, despite its ‘flat-packed’ delivery. Once assembled, its sturdiness becomes apparent, promising reliable performance during grilling sessions. While switching end plates may require a bit of attention due to small wing nuts, the overall experience remains hassle-free.
Upon placement onto the Weber Go Anywhere grill, the precise fit of the Xtender underscores its compatibility and reinforces its status as a seamless extension of the portable grill.

Highlighted Key Features:

  • Three Cooking Levels: The Xtender adds significant height to the cooking area, allowing for more substantial cuts of meat and diverse cooking techniques.
  • True Indirect Cooking: The fully enclosed cooking chamber ensures precise temperature control, ideal for smoking and longer cooks.
  • Rotisserie Option: With the included rotisserie bracket, users can enjoy the versatility of rotisserie cooking, enhancing the grill’s capabilities.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, the Xtender promises long-term durability and easy maintenance.
  • British Craftsmanship: Proudly manufactured in Staffordshire, UK, the Xtender reflects a commitment to quality and attention to detail.

In summary, the Smokerig BBQ Xtender emerges as a worthy investment for Weber Go Anywhere grill owners seeking to expand their cooking options. Its versatility, precise cooking control, and durable construction make it an invaluable addition to any outdoor cooking setup. Whether grilling for two or hosting a larger gathering, the Xtender promises to elevate the grilling experience to new heights.

You can check out Phil’s blog at Love2BBQ

and you can check out the quality products at Smokerig BBQ here

The Men and Women behind UK BBQ – Natalie Clifton – I.O. Shen Knives

1.    What got you into BBQ’ng?
My Dad! He was a racing driver and I spent my childhood in the pits and paddocks of race tracks around the UK. BBQ was how we ate every single meal. Mostly quick and easy food for the driver and the engineers. I learnt at a young age the art of cooking bacon over coals and feeding people – and that made me incredibly happy!  This then morphed to experimental cooking over fire – which eventually lead to my ultimate passion for cooking over flame and embracing cuisines from the world with our F1 Cooks.

2.    How many BBQ’s do you have at home and what is your favourite method of cooking?
Josh and I have over 10 BBQ’s including Weber grills, Savage fire cage, Big Joe 3, Baby Joe, Hellrazr & Roccbox.  I love them all for different reasons.

3.    What is your favourite piece of BBQ equipment? This can be a BBQ or an accessory and we want to know why.
I think it would have to be the rotisserie attachment to the Big Joe 3 and the Savage Cage. Simply because any piece of meat is transformed when it’s spun. It makes everything so tender and I love the knarly crispy crust or skin which inevitably comes with this type of cooking. Plus – if your BBQ is set correctly with deflection plates etc, it’s almost a set and forget!

4.    What was the best BBQ food you have ever eaten?
WOW!! Tough question!! I think that any BBQ food can be elevated when you’re in good company and the weather is nice. For me it’s the atmosphere just as much as the food.

5.    Tell us about your worst BBQ disaster?
I tried my hand at squid…the photos looked fantastic but it was an epic fail!!  I definitely need to work on that one!

6.    Name a dish you have never cooked but would love to try?
There are 2…..Baked Alaska. I’ve actually never had it in my 49 years on this planet but the thought of baking icecream blows my mind!!  2nd is chocolate gravy. This comes from the film chocolat, when Juilette Bonoche serves a banquet with roast chicken as the centerpiece and served with chocolate gravy.

These 2 are now on my hit list to make in 2023!

7.    Who is the person you would most like to cook with?
I cook with my favorite person in the world every day….Josh and I make almost every meal a date night.  Some nights it takes HOURS to make something which should take 2. But when the music is at high volume and there are no time pressures, cooking is the journey…not the destination.

8.    What is your favourite song to cook to?
Anything I can dance to!

9.    Best toppings for a BBQ burger?
Cheese, cheese and more cheese!  Beer can burgers stuffed with Montaray Jack, cheddar and blue are my absolute faves.

10.   What’s your favourite non-BBQ food?
Mediterranean and Persian side dishes….. Hummus, tzatziki and anything tapas.

11.   What is your favourite dish from your book?
Shawarma by Sabrina Ghayour.  In fact – anything from Sabrina has my vote.

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Genevieve Taylor – The Men and Women behind UK BBQ

One of the UK’s leading live fire and BBQ experts, Genevieve Taylor is the author of eleven cookery books including the bestselling SEARED: The ultimate guide to barbecuing meat,  CHARRED, a complete guide to vegetarian BBQ, Foolproof BBQ, The Ultimate Wood-fired Oven Cook book, How to Eat Outside and Master Chef Street Food of the World. A proud omnivore, Genevieve is on a mission to prove that great BBQ isn’t just about Man vs. Meat.

Genevieve runs the Bristol Fire School – a cookery school dedicated to all things FIRE – @Bristol_Fire_School

When she’s not cooking over an open fire, Genevieve can usually be found outside walking her dogs in the woods, growing a few good things to eat on her allotment and listening to rather a lot of music. She is also a very part time ceramicist with a little studio/office/girl cave at the top of her Bristol garden.

  1. What got you into BBQ’ng?

When my children were small, I quickly realised how boring it is feeding them three times a day, both the kids and I were happier outside and I have been cooking outside ever since. My mum was a single mum and when I was young, I used to help her and have been cooking since I was small.

  1. How many BBQ’s do you have at home and what is your favourite method of cooking?

3 Weber Kettles, 4 KJ’s an Ox Grill, a Drumbeque, 3 Fire Pits, a Weber smoke fire, 2 Ox Grill Trompos, a built in stone bbq, a Gozeny Dome and some portable ones (a Go-anywhere, a Smoky Joe and a Thuros). But I run Bristol Fire School from the house.  I am a big fan of Weber kettles and have written all my books on those as if the recipe works on there it will work on bbq’s that most people have. They can Smoke or Grill.

  1. What is your favourite piece of BBQ equipment? This can be a BBQ or an accessory and we want to know why.

My favourite bit of equipment is my Thermapen I wouldn’t cook meat without it. It makes sure your meat is perfectly cooked and juicy.

  1. What was the best BBQ food you have ever eaten?

For me food is a time and a place, it’s a memory, I recently spent 20hrs cooking BBQ (Brisket) for my husband’s birthday and then we had people round. That was one of the best days. Apart from that the best BBQ I have had is in Texas.

  1. Tell us about your worst BBQ disaster?

I had nine people at a Kamado Joe Fireschool and was cooking Yorkshire Puddings. I forgot about them and when I remembered they were completely black and looked like charcoal. I like to push myself and multi task but it doesn’t always work

  1. Name a dish you have never cooked but would love to try?

I would love to dig a hole, build a pit and cook a whole pig

  1. Who is the person you would most like to cook with?

With regards to a chef/Author it would have to be Ottolenghi as I love the layering of flavours. I do have to say though that I love cooking with people who have visited the Bristol Fire School and have cooked using my books. It brings a connection and reality to it.

  1. What is your favourite song to cook to?

I don’t have a favourite song as I am a huge fan of music and what I will listen to depends on my mood. If its cold and wet I listen to Reggie, if I am tired its electronic and I love finding new music.

  1. Best toppings for a BBQ burger?

It has to be a classic Bacon and Cheese burger with hot sauce

  1. What’s your favourite non-BBQ food?

No such thing in our house anything can be cooked on the BBQ, I have even cooked Pavlova and I regularly bake on the BBQ.

  1. What is your favourite dish from your book?

Now that’s a hard one, I like them all although some get cooked more than others.

There is a sweetcorn salad from the Wood Fired Oven Cookbook that regularly makes an appearance, as does the carrot salad in charred. I believe that a bbq should be like a meal indoors and not have just five types of meat. In my most recent book, Seared there is a lovely sesame and ginger chicken

Web Site –

Fire School –

Books – 
Amazon Books

The Men and Women behind UK BBQ – Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn

Barbecue is a serious business. And for anyone who thought barbecue was about big, bearded blokes toiling over hot coals, think again: the Hang Fire girls are the real experts.

In 2012 Sam and Shauna ditched their jobs and embarked on a 6-month road trip around the best barbecue joints in the southern United States. From Texas to Tallahassee, they learned the insider secrets of what makes barbecue great, were captivated by the thrill of smoke and fire, and back home in Cardiff they set out their meat manifesto in the form of Hang Fire Smokehouse.

Following the restaurant Sam and Shauna are regulars on TV in such programmes as Sam and Shauna’s Big Cook.

Hang Fire’s approach is simple: get the best ingredients, cook them low ‘n’ slow, and tuck in.

  1. What got you into BBQ’ng?
    As keen cooks, we’ve always been backyard BBQ’ers, albeit fairweather ones and mainly cooked out in the Summer. But really it’s our love of Americana, bluegrass and food from the deep south (and Dolly Parton!) that inspired us to be able to potentially do this for a living and so we headed to States for 6 months in 2013 to learn all about the culture of BBQ. We were also inspired by Neil Rankin, Tom Adams and Jamie Berger. They had the Pitt Cue food truck on the Southbank in 2011-2012 and their BBQ (and picklebacks) were mind-blowing. They had a huge part in inspiring the creative culinary aspect to Hang Fire.
  1. How many BBQ’s do you have at home and what is your favourite method of cooking?
    We’ve tended to build our own BBQ’s as you may have seen from our BBCTV show Sam & Shauna’s Big Cookout. But right now, there may be half a dozen or so different styles and types of BBQs lurking about in the garden! The more unusual ones are the wee Flat Dog from Pro Q (always in the boot of our car with a bag of charcoal ready for a guerrilla BBQ) and we also love our Ascua Parilla from Blackbox. Huge fans of beautiful, and considered, engineering in BBQs.
  1. What is your favourite piece of BBQ equipment? This can be a BBQ or an accessory and we want to know why.
    Surely it has to be a really good pair of ‘Texas maracas’ aka BBQ tongs. So called because you always have to click them thrice when you pick them up! We’re also a bit late to the party, but our minds have been blown away by the ingenuity of the Meater. Why didn’t we have a dozen of these when we had our restaurant?!
  1. What was the best BBQ food you have ever eaten?
    Asides from what Pitt Cue were doing back when, it was probably everything we ate at Franklin BBQ in Austin. On our travels in the States, we ate at something like 70-80 BBQ joints; from streetfood to restaurants. We kissed (ate?) a lot of frogs in in order to find the Prince of BBQ, Aaron Franklin. It really was transcendent. Incredibly delicate smoke flavour, the most tender meats and the seasoning sat back to let the quality of the meat sing out.
  1. Tell us about your worst BBQ disaster?
    This is an easy one to remember as it was so painful. Just when we started Hang Fire, I was training my chefs on slow and low. We filled a smoker with around £250 of thick-cut St Louis ribs for a very low temp overnight smoke so they could be finished in the morning for lunch time service. We had a grease fire in the smoker overnight and we came in to every single rib looking like a petrified fossil. Black, burned and you could crush them to dust with a light squeeze. We all learned a lot about keeping your smoker cooking chambers CLEAN!
  1. Name a dish you have never cooked but would love to try?
    Without wanting to sound churlish, there probably isn’t a dish we’ve had the desire to cook and haven’t yet (Sam can be very impulsive and suddenly show up with a bunch of ingredients and say ‘we’re cooking this today!’). However, there are definitely people we’d like to cook with and places we’d like to cook in.
  1. Who is the person you would most like to cook with?
    We had the privilege to meet Miss Tootsie of Snows BBQ while we were in the States but would love a chance to cook with her. In fact we would love to cook with any of our great BBQ heroines like Desiree Robinson, Melissa Cookston, Amy Mills, Leanne Whippen and Danielle Bennett.
  1. What is your favourite song to cook to?
    Not sure there is one song this pair of musos could choose. But a good bluegrass, country playlist isn’t very far away when we’re lighting the coals. Something up beat with a story and music with history always inspires us when we cook.
  1. Best toppings for a BBQ burger?
    For us an Oklahoma style pattie with American cheese and crispy (streaky) bacon will always be our go to. Oooh, can we add some of Dublin’s Pitt Bros bacon jam too?
  1. What’s your favourite non-BBQ food?
    We cook A LOT of Asian food at home. North to southern Indian, Thai, all sorts of Chinese food, tons of Indian food. We eat a lot of vegetarian and seafood too.
  1. What is your favourite dish from your book?
    C’mon, it’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child! They’re all amazing to us as they all come with a story of how we learned it and when we tried it and the people we met. It really does chronicle our time in the States through food and hopefully a road map for anyone wanting to make the same pilgrimage.

Link to book in America








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Watch Season 3 of Sam & Shauna’s Big Cook Out on BBC IPlayer

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Watch Sam & Shauna cook in Gower Salt Marshes

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The Men and Women behind UK BBQ – DJ BBQ AKA Christian Stevenson

DJ BBQ (aka Christian Stevenson) is a live fire chef and a leading name in the world of BBQ. After a successful broadcasting career fronting shows for MTV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 (including award-winning Rad), he harnessed his passion for cooking over fire and now has his own YouTube channel with more than 175K subscribers (he’s also a regular big-hitter on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube). DJ BBQ stars in and hosts festivals including Meatopia, The Big Feastival, Camp Bestival, Grilltopia and The Big Grill. He is a chef on, and has contributed to This Morning, FHM, Independent, Daily Mail and the Chris Evans Breakfast Show among many others. He has a BBQ spice rub range with US brand Spiceology, and his brand affiliations include Hellmann’s, Renault, B&Q and Kid Rock’s American Bad Ass Grill.

  1. What got you into BBQ’ng?
    I come from the Mid-West in America, my dad and grandfather cooked BBQ. IOWA is cattle and corn country and we had steamed corn nearly every night. BBQ was traditionally cheaper cuts of meat, my mum and dad divorced when I was in year 2 and I shuttled back and forth between them. Basically, my dad was a solo dad raising 2 kids, so he asked me to help with the cooking. He cooked outside and my mum cooked inside. I also got taught some great dishes by my grandparents such as Meatloaf and Tomato Pie
  1. How many BBQ’s do you have at home and what is your favourite method of cooking?
    I only have 3 grills at home 2 Weber 57cm Kettles and a Pit Barrel Kamado. I have 3 smokers in storage that I use for festivals. My favourite bbq to cook on is Weber as that’s where I started, I used a 47cm Kettle for a long time before I upgraded. Kamados are too expensive for many and can take a while to come up to temp.
  1. What is your favourite piece of BBQ equipment? This can be a BBQ or an accessory and we want to know why.
    I use my Weber Tongs for most things they are just very versatile.
  1. What was the best BBQ food you have ever eaten?
    The BBQ food that surprised me the most was at a cattle herding station barn in Brazil where the gauchos had their coffee and food. I was travelling with Giles Coren and Monica Galetti and we had lamb skewered on big swords with pools of fat dripping onto the hot coals. It was easily the best lamb ribs I have had.
  1. Tell us about your worst BBQ disaster?
    When I first started cooking, I was cooking Pulled Pork on a langman 36 and I kept checking the food. As they say “If your looking its not cooking” It took a while!
  1. Name a dish you have never cooked but would love to try?
    I would love to try Marilyn Muskrat. When I was snowboarding in Ecuador in the 1990’s they ate guinea pig. I was always curious.
  1. Who is the person you would most like to cook with?
    When at home I love cooking with my sons. I want to pass down to them an enthusiasm for BBQ in the same way my dad and grandfather did to me. When I am cooking at Festivals I love cooking with T-Bone Chops, Sam Jones and Dave Jennings. It’s such a blast!
  1. What is your favourite song to cook to?
    I haven’t got one favourite song. If cooking with T-Bone Chops its always Rock, if at festivals its Funk and Soul or Hip Hop, when at home I like Indie or Alternative and I love my mix tapes
  1. Best toppings for a BBQ burger?
    For myself my favourite topping is caramelised onion and mushroom. My go to cook for others is an Oklahoma burger.
  1. What’s your favourite non-BBQ food?
    Everything is BBQ Food, LOL. No if I am out to eat, I like a curry or South East Asian Food
  2. What is your favourite dish from the new book?
    Maple Bacon Lardy Cake, my friends 2 year old couldn’t get enough of it, or my Aunts Goulash Recipe

The Book is available here :- DJ BBQ’s Backyard Baking







DJ BBQ Books
– Amazon Books

Rusty BBQ Company Black Angus Coffee Rub

I was sent a sample of this rub before it was launched, although charcoal sounds like a strange ingredient in a rub,
there are a few about.

This one was different, as soon as you opened the packet you would smell the garlic and herbs and a smokiness from the Ancho Chilli.
A finger dip test confirmed that there was a little hint of heat and some sweetness along with the perfect amount of salt

I decided to try it on a T-bone steak I had in the freezer and cook it over silver birch wood on the Ozpig.

The inclusion of charcoal and coffee created a great crust on the steak. This is definately a next level charcoal rub that I can recommend.

If you haven’t tried any of the Rusty BBQ Co rubs, check them out, they are different to the Generic American BBQ Rubs

Angus and Oink Cuban Rub

After watching the 2014 film Chef, which is the story about Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) quitting his job at a major LA restaurant and launching a street food truck with the help of his son, I just knew I wanted to make a Cubano Sandwich.

Here’s were the helpful boys and girls at Angus and Oink came into their own. They have a cuban rub which has lots of citrus flavour, balanced with cumin, smoked paprika oregano and a light chilli hit. Exactly the flavour I was looking for.

I bought some shoulder steaks from the butcher which had already been tenderised. I added the rub to olive oil and lemon juice to make a paste
rubbed it onto the shoulder steaks and left for about an hour before grilling on the bbq. My recipe has been uploaded to the UK BBQ Web site if you want to take a look

I will definitely cook this again and already have my thinking hat on to use it in a few more recipes, possibly a chilli, grilled chicken or a few taco’s.

The thing I like about Angus and Oink rubs is the huge range they do and not just generic American BBQ flavours. Check out the range if you haven’t tried them

ProQ Digital Probe Thermometer

If you are in the market for an instant read thermometer then there is a new option to consider from the team at ProQ. Speak to most people in the BBQ world and they will say a thermometer is one piece of equipment they would recommend again and again. And forget the old school analogue ones your parents may have used to check a turkey once a year, these are the new school digital versions giving you an accurate read out in seconds. So, whether you are grilling steaks and looking for that pink perfection or smoking a brisket and looking for that finishing temperature as well as probe tenderness, the ProQ digital probe thermometer may well be the tool you need.

Coming in at a price point of £25.99, the ProQ model lands itself in a very competitive place in the market for this type of device. Especially considering the 2 year limited warranty they are offering too.

I have been using my ProQ model for the last few months before writing this review and have to say, for the cost of the unit I have been very impressed. Straight off the top, the feature I like most is being able to easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit on the display by simply holding down a button. Being from an age where I learnt all my recipes and cooks from American BBQ books, I am more familiar with Fahrenheit as a measurement than Celsius. But I appreciate that some people are the opposite way so it’s easy on this unit to switch between both. The actual probe section you use for checking temperatures folds away into the handheld section, keeping it safe and out of the way; and the very tip of the of the probe narrows, meaning the holes left in your food, when checking temps, can be kept to a minimum. The thin, tip end also means the unit reads temperatures very quickly, giving you an accurate reading in around 3-5 seconds; meaning the food does not have to be kept out of the cooker any longer than necessary when making those checks. Handily, the device is also IPX5 waterproof which certainly helps with the always changing UK weather, wiping it clean or spills from cooks etc. The screen is backlit, so can be used at night or in darker places too. And another handy feature is a USB charge cable is supplied in the box, so you can always keep it topped up as it has a lithium-ion. And finally, the unit has a magnet on the back to help you keep it somewhere safe, just not somewhere hot!

At this price, the unit is definitely worth a look and will help you to know exactly what the temps are, of whatever you are cooking, meaning you know you are at a safe temperature; so you don’t need to overcook food and dry it out, and overall you will be making more enjoyable meals.

I was gifted this unit to test, but am entitled to write my own opinions on the device. The link to the product on the ProQ website is noted below.

If you have used and have any feedback on one of these units or have any questions, let us know in the comments.

Sosij Sausages

Think you know your way round a decent sausage on the BBQ? It may be time to have a re-think. If you aren’t familiar with the name Sosij it may be worth looking them up. Whether that be because you fancy something a little different, or you want to see their collaborations sausages they have been coming up with of late.

Hailing out of Bristol, Ali is the sausage handling mastermind behind the company, and after 15 years of cheffing and running kitchens he turned his hand to street food and then making sausages. That turned out to be a very good move on his part as his products seemed to be an overnight social media success. He was selling out as word got around about the weird and wonderful flavours coming from the Sosij stable. The flavours kept coming and then Sosij bombs were born. Sausagemeat balls wrapped in bacon. Look them up.

After sitting back for a while, I saw a post pop up on Instagram saying there was a selection of the Sosij range available as a one off, so I decided it was time to part with some money and give them a go. The pack I bought included some of Sosij’s Irish Black butter pork and apple sausages, some Cajun peach pork sausages, some smokey bacon pork sausages, some cheddar jalapeno pork sausages and Texas hot links beef and pork sausages. Quite the collection.

Needless to say it hasn’t taken me long to get stuck in over the last few weeks cooking them in a variety of different ways from super low and slow smoking for a long time, to fast grilling, then back to normal smoking as part of a BBQ platter. Each time I have been impressed with what I have eaten and it leaves me wanting to cook the next pack. The first thing you notice is how plump these sausages are, not your usual banger by any means. The packaging catches the eye as do the variety of flavours. These sausages cook up so well and retain a good snap and the ones I have cooked to date always stay nice and juicy too. Favourites for me so far being the hot links as a part of a BBQ platter and the Irish black butter ones in a breakfast sandwich.

Then, only one week after placing my order Ali announces his latest idea, subscription boxes. So, having just had my order arrive should I be re-ordering so soon? Well when I heard the limited-edition flavours in the first box, I knew I had to try them. Birria beef cheek taco sausages??? Then Brazilian linguiça sausages? I am yet to try both of these so can’t comment but the feedback I have heard has been all good. In each subscription box you also get a pack from the range, a surprise pack, the box I had included some breakfast patties which were really good, I built a monster breakfast muffin with mine, and then this pack had a sauce in from the Upton Cheney chilli company and a big pack of rub. Delivered fresh and safely to your door for the princely sum of £45. There has been a second subscription box since where Sosij collaborated with Chef Thom Bateman from The Flintolock. It sounded amazing so I really can’t wait to see what the future boxes hold.

If you want to try some of the Sosij products you can find them being sold online by Village Butchers or wholesale by Longcroft and Old. The subscription boxes go straight onto the Sosij website as noted below. When you try them, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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