The Men and Women behind UK BBQ – Emma Millest – Bunch of Swines

Emma is the prettier half of the competition team Bunch of Swines, (Sorry Ed) they have been competing and winning in competitions all round Europe and America in recent years. Emma was also a competitor on ITV’s UK BBQ Champ in 2015

1. What got you into BBQ’ng?
YouTube found some Texas guys cooking big chunks of meat on a Webber kettle and thought I can do that.

2. How many BBQ’s do you have at home and what is your favourite method of cooking?
Where do I start…at home we currently have a Yoder pellet cooker, a PK grill, a UDS and a Webber kettle. However, at our lockup we have a Jambo (stick burner), 4 gateway smokers, 2 WSM, 1 Backwards cabinet smoker, 1 meadow creek and several Kettles and much much more. My favourite method of cooking is hot and fast over a mixture of wood and charcoal.

3. What is your favourite piece of BBQ equipment? This can be a BBQ or an accessory and we want to know why.
For me it’s the Thermaq with mini needles are so small that they do not leave any needle marks in the meat and the leads are easy to wrap in tinfoil too. Also, and almost just as important my slippers! (especially when cooking competition, you are constantly on your feet and must be comfortable.)

4. What was the best BBQ food you have ever eaten?
At the American Royal 6 years ago, I was given a slice of brisket from an American team called Big T’s crew and it was the best brisket I have ever tasted. He then went on to win team of the year in brisket that year.

5. Tell us about your worst BBQ disaster? My BBQ disaster was cooking mussel, the mussels overcook really quickly and exploded across the room. They can get some serious air distance!

6. Name a dish you have never cooked but would love to try?
I would love to learn how to cook Dim sum.

7. Who is the person you would most like to cook with?
It would have to be my partner in crime Edward Gash, I know its soppy.

8. What is your favourite song to cook to?
Anything that has a good beat, normally drum and base.

9. Best toppings for a BBQ burger? Caramelised red onion and blue cheese.

10. What’s your favourite non-BBQ food guilty pleasure? Chinese food seaweed and salt and pepper squid.