The Men and Women behind UK BBQ – Adam Johnson Head Development Chef for Raymond Blanc

1. What got you into BBQ’ing?
Sheer love of food and cooking for your friends and family. Plus you cant beat the smell of smoke and cooking juices over hot coals…..especially with a bottle of home brew :0)

2. How many BBQ’s do you have at home?
One weber kettle, weber smokey mountain (small one) and a £10 bucket bbq from the supermarket

3. Favourite piece of BBQ equipment.
Chimney starter

4. Worst BBQ disaster?
Cooking my first beef brisket…….I didnt order USDA standard and it ended up like a piece of beef jerky

5. A dish you’ve never cooked but would love to try?
Whole Ox roasted on a Wagon wheel spit

6. Best BBQ food you ever ate?
Burnt Ends by Dave Pynt in Singapore

7. Person you would most like to cook with?
Lennox Hastie, Firedoor, Surrey hills NSW, Australia.
We worked together at Le Manoir when I first started and he has gone on to have one of the best restaurants in the world cooking on only wood fire.

8. Favourite song to cook too?
Anything cheesy

9. Best toppings for a BBQ burger?
Homemade chilli sauce, fresh pickled onions… well as all the usual suspects.

10. What’s your favourite non-BBQ food guilty pleasure?
Bought Chicken and Mayonnaise sandwiches

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