BBQ-Toro Stainless Steel Rib Rack Holder

I’ve been cooking ribs various times for a few years now and when I need to cook 6 racks, it takes up virtually all the space in my Weber Smokey Mountain 57cm, so no room for any more meats.

I’ve tried a few things over the years to act as a rib rack, a rib roast holder upside down, the IKEA pot lid organiser but they weren’t up to the job.

A quick search on the internet I found the BBQ-Toro Stainless Steel Rib Rack Holder. This looked sturdy and ideal for my needs. Ordered from Amazon (check availability) end of May 2020 it arrived a few days later. Looking at the reviews on Amazon, some people complained that the edges were razor sharp so be careful when using. I must admit some edges were a bit sharp but nothing I really worried about and not as bad as the reviews claimed.

I prepped 6 racks of baby back ribs (sourced from Costco), applied some French’s mustard to them and sprinkled my favourite rub over them. I let them sit for 20 mins whilst the smoker was coming to temperature. Then on goes the rib rack holder followed by all 6 racks. The racks slotted in perfectly with a little overhang at each end. I was worried at first that it maybe too big to close the lid with all 6 racks in, but I didn’t need to, as it closed just fine.

The ribs held perfectly over the duration of the cook and left me with a whole rack on the lower part of the WSM free so I could cook other meats if I needed to.

Overall this rib rack holder is a great solid piece of kit and I will be using it a lot now when cooking baby backs. I haven’t tried with spare ribs, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get 6 racks on the top shelf. I would probably cook on the lower rack shelf and remove the upper, which should do the trick.

Unfortunately at the time of writing this review it seemed to be out of stock on most places online, if you can find it and are looking for a rib rack, I highly recommend this rib rack holder.

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Note: I was not paid to review or gifted this rib rack holder. I purchased it full price from Amazon.

Competition Style Pork Spare Ribs

Competition Style Pork Spare Ribs

  • Prep Time30 min
  • Cook Time4 hr
  • Total Time4 hr 30 min
  • Yield2 Servings
  • Cooking Method
    • Indirect & braise


  • 1x Rack Pork Spare Ribs, trimmed St. Louis style
  • American style mustard or olive oil.
  • BBQ rubs of your choice, I used a light layer of Meat Church BBQ "Honey Hog Hot" and a top layer of Killer Hogs "THE BBQ RUB"
  • 50g Brown sugar
  • 25g Runny honey
  • 25g Unsalted butter
  • 25g of Kansas City Style BBQ sauce mixed with 25g White wine vinegar.
  • 50g of Kansas City Style BBQ sauce, warmed through at the end of the cook to glaze.
  • Kitchen foil.



Allow ribs to reach room temperature.


Check the ribs and remove and sharp pieces of bone or flappy bits of meat that will burn.


Remove the membrane off the back side of the ribs, this is easily achieved by sliding a blunt knife under the membrane and pulling off with kitchen paper.


Apply a small quantity of american style mustard or oil on one side of the ribs.


Apply a light coat of the first rub, don’t rub the rub in the ribs let it tack up itself.


Flip the ribs over and repeat.


When the ribs have tacked up apply the second layer a little heavier, then flip over and do the other side.


Leave the rubs to do there magic whilst you prepare your Smoker or kettle with a lid, aim for 250 / 275°F (121 / 135°C)


Put the smoking wood on the coals about two chunks of fruit wood, i prefer apple, pear or cherry.


After 30 mins lift the lid and quickly spritz the ribs with water, and keep spritzing every 30 mins or so.


Whilst you are waiting lay 1 large sheet of kitchen foil down and place 50g of sugar 25g of butter in a line down the foil, then drizzle the honey evenly over the sugar and butter.


At the two hour mark remove the ribs and place meat side down on the sugar, butter and honey, pour the bbq and vinegar over the backside of the ribs straight down the middle.


Wrap the ribs well making sure the bones dont pop through.


Return to grill smoker meat side down, check again after a hour, the bones should have about 13mm pull back and the back of the ribs will have degraded. if not cover up and remove when they are.


When removed open the foil to let out the steam and slow the cooking process down, leave for 15 minutes then discard the foil and juices and pop the ribs back on the smoker or grill and a apply the bbq sauce as a glaze.


Leave for 15 mins and remove, allow 15 to 20 minutes to relax and enjoy.

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Competition Style Pork Spare Ribs

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The Shed BBQ Rubs – Review by Christine Dale

The UKBBQweek team was very kindly given these rubs by Richard Orme of BBQGourmet ( to review and I got the luck of the draw in being picked to review them, my thoughts in this review are my own.

BBQ Gourmet have been around for a few years now importing the very best in BBQ products from overseas, they have an amazing selection of American Rubs and Sauces, I never know where to start but have picked some cracking rubs and sauces over the last few years. I always bring hold luggage when I hear Richard is going to be at an event just so I can stock up.

My first cook was with cluckin awesome by The Shed BBQ. If you don’t know who the Shed BBQ are then a quick trip to Google will tell you all you need to know. They are now 2 times Whole Hog World Champions after winning Memphis in My BBQ competition in the US twice! That’s a real achievement. They’ve had a lot of success on American TV over the years and have a restaurant in Ocean Springs Mississippi. In recent years they have produced a whole line of award winning rubs and sauces that are now stocked in the UK by BBQGourmet.

We decided to try The Shed’s Cluckin Awesome on a rotisserie chicken, first thoughts when reading the label was that brown sugar seemed a little strange for a chicken rub, however when I thought about it I realised that this would have the effect of a rub and a sauce, we rubbed the chicken with a little olive oil and sprinkled with the rub, then allowed it to sit in the fridge for an hour. To help keep the chicken moist we always put some butter in the cavity to help self-baste the chicken. We set up the Kettle BBQ for indirect cooking and put the chicken on. The great thing about a Rotisserie is you just leave it to do its thing. After about an hour the internal temp when checked was 165°F or 74°C. As it was ready we took the chicken off and the rub had really given it a lovely colour and a gloss as you will see in the pictures. We left the chicken to rest and so sat it tented with foil for 30 mins then came the taste test. The Cluckin Awesome rub was really nice, the rub had flavoured the chicken and not just the skin. A subtle garlic and onion flavour and just a touch of sweetness made it one of the nicest chickens we have had recently, will definitely use that again. I guess these guys know their chickens as well as their whole hogs.

Next up was rack attack by The Shed BBQ. You could see that this was a different colour than cluckin awesome and this is most likely due to the paprika, the chilli in the rub is just enough to give it a kick and I reckon this would work just as well on any pork dish. We rubbed up our ribs with some mustard and sprinkled on the Rack Attack rub. The rubs are more granular than some other rubs we have used which are more powdery but this means that you get a more even covering in my opinion. The mustard helps the rubs stick well to the meat but does not leave an aftertaste when finished. These ribs were cooked on the Traeger pellet BBQ on smoke setting for an hour followed by 2h 45m at 107°C or 225°F. Then wrapped them in tinfoil with some cider (Mr D had drunk my apple juice) some butter and a little brown sugar cooked these meat side down for an hour then glazed them with some sweet baby rays honey sauce. You would think that all this sugar and honey would result in a very sweet rib, however the kick from the chillis and the flavour from the paprika and garlic gave a nice balance. They weren’t competition style ribs more fall of the bone but that’s how we eat them in Chillin N Grillin HQ. My workmates next day thought they were the best ribs they have ever eaten and that we should open a restaurant lol.

Overall I think both these rubs did a great job both presentation wise and also with the flavours they gave to the finished product. Luckily I have a little leftover to try again on some other dishes but I can see I may be buying these from BBQGourmet in the future. If you would like to do the same, please visit their website at to see the whole range of the The Shed BBQ products.