Rusty BBQ Company Black Angus Coffee Rub

I was sent a sample of this rub before it was launched, although charcoal sounds like a strange ingredient in a rub,
there are a few about.

This one was different, as soon as you opened the packet you would smell the garlic and herbs and a smokiness from the Ancho Chilli.
A finger dip test confirmed that there was a little hint of heat and some sweetness along with the perfect amount of salt

I decided to try it on a T-bone steak I had in the freezer and cook it over silver birch wood on the Ozpig.

The inclusion of charcoal and coffee created a great crust on the steak. This is definately a next level charcoal rub that I can recommend.

If you haven’t tried any of the Rusty BBQ Co rubs, check them out, they are different to the Generic American BBQ Rubs