10 Days to BBQ – UK-BBQ-WEEK 2018

Friday 6th July

Steaks are probably the king of the BBQ. What ever steak you are cooking we would love to see it and remember to tag a mate that would be envious of it too.

Saturday 7th July

The 4th of July can be relived today, get your favourite American food on the BBQ, whether it’s a juicy burger or maybe some smok’in ribs. We want to see the stars and stripes of cooking on your BBQ

Sunday 8th July

Have you ever cooked breakfast on the BBQ?, If not now is the time to cook the full English outdoors. Or try cooking your favorite breakfast on the BBQ, post on social media with our hashtag  #ukbbqweek

Now you’ve warmed up the BBQ today, Cook your Sunday roast on the BBQ, Leg of Lamb, Chicken, rib of Beef or a big pork shoulder. Show us your Great British roast dinners all cooked outdoors. We would love to see some roast potatos and Yorkshires too…

Monday 9th July

Today its meat free Monday, get creative and cook a meat free dinner on the BBQ, how about a Cauliflower Shawarma or some Halloumi Skewers, whatever you want to cook on the BBQ today, let it be meat free. Check out our sponsors for some ideas too. Tag us #ukbbqweek

Tuesday 10th July

We all love tacos and with an almost infinite list of fillings we think today you can get really creative with your BBQ.

Wednesday 11th July

This is the peoples vote, you’ll find out more about this one nearer to the day.

Thursday 12th July

Bring the taste of the sea to your BBQ! Fish is so easy and quick to grill on the BBQ or why not try cooking Mussels or Oysters and who could forget some fat prawns. Tag us your cooks #ukbbqweek

Friday 13th July

Time to spice things up and a curry cooked on the BBQ not only has all the lovely spices but a hint of smoke too. We have some awesome recipes you can try or show us your own creations. Don’t forget the Naan bread!

Saturday 14th July

As we move towards to the football final, tonight its all about Pizza’s and flatbreads. So if you have a pizza oven or wood fired oven lets see you fantastic pizza creations. Alternatively make some easy flatbreads and cooks some of your favorite meat or vegetables as kebabs.

Sunday 15th July

Our last day of UK BBQ Week is also the last day of the football, so its Tailgate BBQ time. Cook what ever you love to cook and get your friends round and show everyone on social media your party.