5 Top Tips for BBQ from Marcus Bawdon of Country Wood Smoke Fame

Tip 1 – Use a digital probe thermometer. E.g a Thermapen, this will give confidence to know that the food is cooked how you like it and is safe to eat.

Tip 2 – Set up the bbq for 2 zone cooking, more heat (i.e coals) on one side and lower heat on the other this way you can have a good degree of control over the cooking.

Tip 3 – Use your lid, if your bbq comes with a lid then use it, it’s not just to keep the rain off, it will turn your grill into a smoky oven.

Tip 4 – Make sure the lid vent is over the indirect side this will give more even cooking

Tip 5 – Keep well hydrated when bbqing, it’s thirsty work so make sure you have your tipple of choice chilled and close to hand.

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