BBQ Grilled Sardines

BBQ Grilled Sardines

  • Prep Time35 min
  • Cook Time5 min
  • Total Time40 min
  • Yield2 Servings


For the BBQ Grilled Sardines

  • 8 whole sardines de-scaled & gutted
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 4 Tbs Harissa paste
  • Moroccan style Couscous
  • 400ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 Tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 1 Tbs Olive oil
  • Wholemeal bread (uncut loaf)
  • 1 x small Red chilli thinly sliced
  • 1 Tbs coriander leaves finely chopped
  • Mixed Salad leaves
  • 5 Tbs Greek style yoghurt


Preparing the BBQ Grilled Sardines


Start the BBQ and setup for direct cook. About ¾ chimney of briquettes or charcoal. A gas BBQ can also be used here cooking direct over the burner.


In a small bowl add 2 Tbs Harissa paste and a 1 tsp of olive oil, give it a mix. Coat each side of the sardines.


In two small ramekins split the Greek style yoghurt and add a Tbs of harissa paste on top of each. Start preparing the couscous.


Using two tapas style ramekins (or whatever you have to hand), add the balsamic vinegar then add the extra virgin olive oil. Cut the wholemeal bread into chunky batons.


Place the sardines in a fish rack if you have one (helps to turn the fish without sticking to the grates), or place direct on the grates. Lightly grease the grates with a little oil if not using a fish rack. Sprinkle a little salt over the sardines.


Cook the sardines over direct heat for 2-3 minutes per side or until cooked through. Internal temperature should be 60°C/140°F.


Cut the lemon in half and grill direct for a few minutes until lightly charred.


Place the couscous on a serving platter, top with 4 sardines, add some chopped red chilli and coriander, add some salad leaves and the bread.


Finally place the dipping harissa/yoghurt combo and the extra virgin olive oil /balsamic vinegar dipping oil for the bread onto the platter.


Squeeze the grilled lemon over the sardines and enjoy!

Recipe from BBQ Stu follow him on Twitter @Graboid456

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