Dirty Scallops with Nduja and Wild Garlic Butter.

Nduja is a soft spicy salami from Italy which melts and compliments the flavour of the scallops.

If you’re cooking this on a charcoal BBQ please ensure you’re using Lumpwood charcoal.

This is a recipe from Steve Johnson who is a passionate and experienced bbq chef from Brixham Devon , winner of PenGrille 2018, demonstrator and pop up bbq chef, specialising in fish and shellfish.

Dirty Scallops with Nduja and Wild Garlic Butter.

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time10 min
  • Total Time20 min
  • Yield4 Servings


  • 12 scallops in the half shell
  • Nduja approximately 80-100g
  • Wild garlic butter
  • Pastis such as Pernod



Ask your fishmonger to sell you scallops in the half shell. These may need to be ordered in advance.


I make wild garlic butter each spring using 80g of fresh wild garlic leaves to 250g of butter and half a tsp of sea salt. Portion and freeze for use later. If wild garlic butter isn’t available use normal garlic instead.


Have your coals hot and spread evenly. Add a knob of Nduja and wild garlic butter to each scallop shell.


Place the scallops directly on the coals. The scallops are cooked when the Nduja and garlic butter are melted an the internal temperature of the scallops is 50°C. Just before removing add a dash of pastis and flambé. I recommend the use of a protective glove for this.


This dish may be cooked on a conventional charcoal or gas bbq.


The scallops may be substituted for fresh oysters which are also delicious cooked this way.

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Dirty scallops with Nduja and Wild Garlic Butter

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