BBQ Hake with Langoustines

BBQ’d Hake, lightly smoked Kilkeel Langoustines, charred new comber baby potatoes, and grilled asparagus spears, blow torched chorizo & herb butter.

Dean Coppard is a well known chef in Northern Ireland, He is currently head chef at the Sweet Afton Bar and Kitchen. He grew up in Queensland Australia.

As he lived so close to the beach his father went fishing and brought home some amazing fresh fish which they barbecued. He moved to Northern Ireland in 2005 became head chef of the well known Yellow Door and then opened Uluru Bistro, an Australian restaurant in Armagh, it was recognised in the Michelin guide with 2 knife and forks.

He is an avid supporter of local suppliers and believes that Northern Ireland suppliers are going from strength to strength. He still lives in Armagh with his wife and 2 children who love eating out.

Although this recipe is cooked on a Mini Kamado, its easily adapted to other BBQ’s as its just Direct and Indirect grilling.

BBQ Hake with Langoustines

  • Prep Time30 min
  • Cook Time15 min
  • Total Time45 min
  • Yield2 Servings
  • Cuisine
  • Cooking Method
    • Direct / Indirect


  • 2 x 240g of fresh hake, skin on, scaled, pin boned.
  • 6 whole langoustines, split in half length ways.
  • 300g of new baby potatoes.
  • 6 tips of asparagus
  • 200g of butter
  • 100g of chorizo
  • 4 sprigs of fresh coriander
  • 50ml of Broighter Gold Hickory Rapeseed Oil



Using a direct and indirect set up, light the bbq


Once the temperature is sitting between 180-200°C oil the grill barred grill rack and place the hake fillets skin side up over the direct heat area


Close the lid with the vent set to fully open and bake for 6 mins.


Open the lid and using a pallet knife or fish slice gently loosen the fish off the grill rack and set over the in-direct heat area.


Preboil the new potatoes until just cooked or still firm, remove from pan and slice into 1-2cm thick discs, coat these and the asparagus spears in a good quality rapeseed oil, I used the Broighter Gold Hickory Smoked infused oil giving the veg a rich flavor that gives depth once heated.


Add to the grill and place the halved langoustine on top. Cook for a further 4mins.

For The Butter


Soften the butter and add to a food processor blitz with the chopped chorizo and fresh coriander, roll in grease proof paper to form into a log shape and rest in the fridge

To Plate


Place the cooked potatoes on the plate first, rest the hake on top add the asparagus then finish with the grilled langoustine and slice the butter on the langoustines and blow torch the butter until it melts covering the langoustine and the hake.

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