Ozpig BBQ

For those of you who know Alan and I you will know that BBQ for us is not just Sausages and Burgers, we have a lot of different bits of kit, including Kettle BBQ’s Ceramic BBQ’s a pizza oven, an acusa parilla, even a paella burner
We were really pleased when Ozpig UK asked us did we want to test drive the Ozpig series 2.

With its smaller more compact size than the Big Pig, the S2 is easy to pack up and take with you to the beach or camping. It comes with a carry bag.

The Ozpig can be used as a patio heater or to cook on. It is so much better than the terracotta patio heaters.
Its well made and the adjustable door allows air flow whilst stopping the embers falling out.

The range of accessories means that when it comes to cooking it is very versitile. You can burn logs or there is a charcoal basket.
Everything we have cooked so far has been over wood. In my opinion real wood just brings a great flavour. We get silver birch logs from our local stove supplier. but they do offer a starter box with wood, charcoal, and wool starters too.

We have cooked quite a bit on the Ozpig, everything from rotisserie chicken, to Chicken Stew, to planked salmon to T-Bone Steak, even beef in oyster sauce with a wok and lets not forget the Smores.

We were also given the smoker attachment to try, the pulled pork was so good. We had to keep an eye on the logs, throwing another on every hour or so but that’s part of the fun and a good excuse to have a beer.

We have a few more cooks planned including Taco Al Pastor and as the autumn comes in Chicken Paprikash and Goulash in the dutch oven.

All in all, the ozpig is well made and if you want to enjoy cooking over live fire, and keeping warm when the evenings start to get cool I can definitely recommend the Ozpig.

I have added a few pictures to this review to allow you to see for yourself.

Kadai Fire Bowl – Review by Chillin n’ Grillin

After cooking on a wide variety of BBQ’s and smokers including a pellet smoker we decided that we would like to go back to basics and try some cooking over a wood fire. A bit of research led us to the Kadai Indian Fire Bowl. We were lucky to get it in the end of season sale and as a result we also purchased the cooking tripod with chain and the cooking bowl. They recommend putting some sand in the bottom to protect the bowl, we did this along with a sheet of tinfoil.

We contacted our local stove supplier to see if we could get logs to burn and where lucky to get a barrow bag of silver birch for £35. A barrow bag is about the size of a wheelie bin. To light the Kadai, we use a flamer, a little charcoal and a few twigs from the hedge at the bottom of the garden, this makes the logs very easy to light. We have been starting with three logs and adding as needed depending on the length of the cook

Our first foray was to hang a chicken over the grill. We had seen Marcus from Country Wood Smoke cooking a leg of lamb in the same way. The chicken turned out lovely and moist as they normally do when cooked outside. We have since cooked a casserole using our dutch oven, a chilli using the cooking bowl and after purchasing a hacienda swing grill, spatch cock chicken, harrissa lamb and shawarma cauliflower.

All in all the Kadai is a great bit of kit and good fun to cook on, in the cooler weather I still prefer one of the bbq’s that have a lid to preserve the heat but we will definitely get good use of the Kadai.