BBQ-Toro Stainless Steel Rib Rack Holder

I’ve been cooking ribs various times for a few years now and when I need to cook 6 racks, it takes up virtually all the space in my Weber Smokey Mountain 57cm, so no room for any more meats.

I’ve tried a few things over the years to act as a rib rack, a rib roast holder upside down, the IKEA pot lid organiser but they weren’t up to the job.

A quick search on the internet I found the BBQ-Toro Stainless Steel Rib Rack Holder. This looked sturdy and ideal for my needs. Ordered from Amazon (check availability) end of May 2020 it arrived a few days later. Looking at the reviews on Amazon, some people complained that the edges were razor sharp so be careful when using. I must admit some edges were a bit sharp but nothing I really worried about and not as bad as the reviews claimed.

I prepped 6 racks of baby back ribs (sourced from Costco), applied some French’s mustard to them and sprinkled my favourite rub over them. I let them sit for 20 mins whilst the smoker was coming to temperature. Then on goes the rib rack holder followed by all 6 racks. The racks slotted in perfectly with a little overhang at each end. I was worried at first that it maybe too big to close the lid with all 6 racks in, but I didn’t need to, as it closed just fine.

The ribs held perfectly over the duration of the cook and left me with a whole rack on the lower part of the WSM free so I could cook other meats if I needed to.

Overall this rib rack holder is a great solid piece of kit and I will be using it a lot now when cooking baby backs. I haven’t tried with spare ribs, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get 6 racks on the top shelf. I would probably cook on the lower rack shelf and remove the upper, which should do the trick.

Unfortunately at the time of writing this review it seemed to be out of stock on most places online, if you can find it and are looking for a rib rack, I highly recommend this rib rack holder.

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Note: I was not paid to review or gifted this rib rack holder. I purchased it full price from Amazon.