PG Grills PKGO

The PKGO is a portable charcoal grill that may appear unassuming but it packs quite a punch.

Its classic aluminium clam shell design makes it rust proof and contributes to its durability and heat retention
Despite its compact size, using the flip kit to change the lid into a second bbq gives 400 square inches of cooking space. Two cast iron cooking grates are included.

I cooked for my works bbq and did smash burgers and korean chicken kebabs for seven.

After loading it with a chimney full of coals the PKGO can easily reach over 300c. The high heat is great for grilling meats and is the go to bbq for anyone competing in a Steak Cook Off association competition.

Many people buy a set of grill grates which play a crucial part to get good grill marks on your steak.
They evenly distribute the heat, allowing for consistent cooking results and no flare ups.

I competed at Maldon Smoke and Fire Festival last year in the Steak Cook Off Association competition and came third in a field of 12. I was the only lady griller and I beat the European Champion.

While it might seem a bit pricey for a portable grill the quality justifies the cost.

Review by Christine Dale

PK Grills are available from Pro Smoke BBQ