U.K. BBQ Week is an idea born by a group of BBQ enthusiasts who want to show more people how easy and rewarding cooking outdoors can be, 365 days a year.

U.K. BBQ Week has been set up to promote BBQ and encourage everyone from the young to the old, male and female to pick up the tongs and cook up some amazing BBQ food for their families and friends.

What are people saying about UK BBQ Week

First there was #UKBBQWEEK then came #UKBBQYEAR thanks for joining the revolution, lots of love
Samantha & Shauna from Hangfire Restaurant, recipe book and Sam & Shauna’s big cookout TV series.

BBQ… one of those rare things where people arrive as friends and leave as family.
Jackie Weight Grand Champion the Jack Daniels invitational BBQ competition Tennessee & owner of

BBQ has been the biggest eye opener for me… it meant good food.. good people and good times. Try it for the week and watch your life change.
Adam Rickett – Actor