UK BBQ Week is an idea born by a group of BBQ enthusiasts tired of seeing half hearted corporate efforts with sponsorship agendas to get people into restaurants instead of barbecuing at home. We want exactly the opposite and want to show more people how easy and rewarding BBQ can be. So a group of real BBQ fans have set up UK BBQ Week in an effort to promote barbecue and encourage people young and old to pick up the tongs and cook up some amazing BBQ food for their families and friends.

There will be lots of hints and tips on BBQ, together with chances to win some BBQ goodies, including a meat box and Weber Smokey Joe portable BBQ. 

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The team are a group of genuine BBQ fans from all over the UK. We active support each other and the community as one big BBQ Family. We actively encourage everyone to pick up the tongs and cook outside 365 days of the year regardless of the weather. We have a mix of beginners and professionals who share advice, recipes, tips and memories and would like to extend this knowledge to the rest of the UK.