Themes 2021


With just over a week to go here’s this year’s Themes giving you enough time to plan some lovely cooks.

Saturday 21st – Fire Up the BBQ
We want to see anything you cook on the BBQ 

Sunday 22nd – Sunday Roast and a Pudding
Everyone loves a Sunday Roast and cooked on the BBQ lifts them to a new level. You can easily cook all the meat, veg, even Yorkshire puddings and of course some lovely desserts. Keep an eye out for new recipes.

Monday 23rd – Meat Free Monday
There are plenty of stunning Vegetarian and Vegan dishes for the BBQ. Why not give one ago. You’ll not be disappointed. Check out the recipes for so inspiration.

Tuesday 24th – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Absolutely 100’s of Chicken dishes can be done on the BBQ. From Beer Can to Spatchcock, to wings and thighs. Getting grilling and show us what you can do.

Wednesday 25th – Pizza.
Another popular dish, pizza and one that’s lends itself to outdoor cooking. Plain, simple or loads of toppings, you choose. What your favourite

Thursday 26th – Luscious Lamb
Lamb on the BBQ is beautiful. Leg, shoulder, chops or steaks all come out fantastic.

Friday 27th – Seafood from Around the Isles
Fish Friday, a bit of a tradition, so show us what you can do. Britain produces loads of nice Seafood just made for the BBQ. Try some simples sardines or mackerel, prawns or lobster, mussels or scallops. All come out fantastic over a bit charcoal.

Saturday 28th – Best of Beef.
From Beef Cheeks to Oxtail with everything in between. Choose you favourite part and show us what you can do.

Sunday 29th – Sunday Roast
You’ve tried it once so let’s have another go and show us you Sunday Roasts whether its beef, pork, chicken, lamb or even any vegetarian / vegan options.

As always we’ll be posting some new recipes for you to try but most of all we want you to get outside and have a go and also we would love to see your cooks so please post them on UK BBQ WEEK.