Competition Style Pork Spare Ribs

Competition Style Pork Spare Ribs

  • Prep Time30 min
  • Cook Time4 hr
  • Total Time4 hr 30 min
  • Yield2 Servings
  • Cooking Method
    • Indirect & braise


  • 1x Rack Pork Spare Ribs, trimmed St. Louis style
  • American style mustard or olive oil.
  • BBQ rubs of your choice, I used a light layer of Meat Church BBQ "Honey Hog Hot" and a top layer of Killer Hogs "THE BBQ RUB"
  • 50g Brown sugar
  • 25g Runny honey
  • 25g Unsalted butter
  • 25g of Kansas City Style BBQ sauce mixed with 25g White wine vinegar.
  • 50g of Kansas City Style BBQ sauce, warmed through at the end of the cook to glaze.
  • Kitchen foil.



Allow ribs to reach room temperature.


Check the ribs and remove and sharp pieces of bone or flappy bits of meat that will burn.


Remove the membrane off the back side of the ribs, this is easily achieved by sliding a blunt knife under the membrane and pulling off with kitchen paper.


Apply a small quantity of american style mustard or oil on one side of the ribs.


Apply a light coat of the first rub, don’t rub the rub in the ribs let it tack up itself.


Flip the ribs over and repeat.


When the ribs have tacked up apply the second layer a little heavier, then flip over and do the other side.


Leave the rubs to do there magic whilst you prepare your Smoker or kettle with a lid, aim for 250 / 275°F (121 / 135°C)


Put the smoking wood on the coals about two chunks of fruit wood, i prefer apple, pear or cherry.


After 30 mins lift the lid and quickly spritz the ribs with water, and keep spritzing every 30 mins or so.


Whilst you are waiting lay 1 large sheet of kitchen foil down and place 50g of sugar 25g of butter in a line down the foil, then drizzle the honey evenly over the sugar and butter.


At the two hour mark remove the ribs and place meat side down on the sugar, butter and honey, pour the bbq and vinegar over the backside of the ribs straight down the middle.


Wrap the ribs well making sure the bones dont pop through.


Return to grill smoker meat side down, check again after a hour, the bones should have about 13mm pull back and the back of the ribs will have degraded. if not cover up and remove when they are.


When removed open the foil to let out the steam and slow the cooking process down, leave for 15 minutes then discard the foil and juices and pop the ribs back on the smoker or grill and a apply the bbq sauce as a glaze.


Leave for 15 mins and remove, allow 15 to 20 minutes to relax and enjoy.

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Competition Style Pork Spare Ribs

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