Quinta Kamado

14.6" Quinta Kamado

This prize includes 1x 14.6″ Quinta Kamado

This prize was donated by...

Our family have always been into BBQ cooking, buying different styles over the years and extending the season as long as possible. Having tried a smoker one year we were disappointed with the results and while looking around for something else we found the Kamado which has turned out to be perfect with its ceramic controllable heat, moisture retention, economical use of charcoal, all year round use and option of oven or pizza too.

The major brands seemed very expensive so as a family we decided to form our company Quinta Kamado to import our own hand made models and keep the price as affordable as possible. Since then the company has taken off successfully and aims to keep customer satisfaction our priority. We have been to see the production and factory ourselves gaining a good relationship with the manufacturer giving us confidence in their products and passing this on to our customers. 

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