Themes 2020


With just over a month to go here’s this year’s Themes giving you enough time to plan some lovely cooks.

Saturday 4th – Burgers
Whether you like the fat juicy Pub Burgers, Smash Burgers, Stunt Burgers or even just a plain Quarter Pounder, we want to see them.

Sunday 5th – Sunday Roast
Everyone loves a Sunday Roast and cooked on the BBQ lifts them to a new level. You can easily cook all the meat, veg, even Yorkshire puddings and of course some lovely desserts. Keep an eye out for new recipes.

Monday 6th – Meat Free Monday
There are plenty of stunning Vegetarian and Vegan dishes for the BBQ. Why not give one ago. You’ll not be disappointed.

Tuesday 7th – Taco Tuesday
Who doesn’t like Tacos? Unlimited options and always so tasty.

Wednesday 8th – Wings.
Another cook that has so many options and flavours and of course everyone loves them. Proper Finger Food.

Thursday 9th – Chefs Choice
Cook anything you want, it’s your choice.

Friday 10th – Fish and Seafood
Fish Friday, a bit of a tradition, so show us what you can do.

Saturday 11th – Pizza
Another popular dish, pizza and one that’s lends itself to outdoor cooking. Plain, simple or loads of toppings, you choose.

Sunday 12th – Sunday Roast
You’ve tried it once so let’s have another go and show us you Sunday Roasts whether its beef, pork, chicken, lamb or even any vegetarian / vegan options.

As always we’ll be posting some new recipes for you to try but most of all we want you to get outside and have a go and also we would love to see your cooks so please post them on UK BBQ WEEK.